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RIO Devices on LabVIEW Community

I understand that LabVIEW community edition is targeted at hobbyists and other non-commercial developers. I am a student and I have a license for an older version (2015) along with a myRIO.


Will I be able to use myRIO (or other RIO/DAQ hardware) with LabVIEW community edition? And if I can, where can I find the required drivers and the Real-time and FPGA plugin for community edition?

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It is my understanding that LabVIEW RT (which the myRIO requires) is not (and might never be) part of LabVIEW Community Edition.  Note that the myRIO is expressly targetted to the Academic Community, where LabVIEW Community Edition is expressly forbidden (the License says it cannot be used for commercial or academic purposes).


Bob Schor

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The LabVIEW Realtime and FPGA Toolkit additions are normally licensed Add-Ons that while technically possible to install into LabVIEW Community Edition, do not fall under the LabVIEW Community License. As such you can't legally use them.


I'm not sure what the plans are for myRIO in that respect. The myRIO comes with its own LabVIEW installation and limited time license for academic use but the installer is for an old LabVIEW version. It can also be used with a Professional LabVIEW license with the according Add-On licenses even for newer LabVIEW versions. It's not really the main target for what NI tries to do with the Community Edition so it may never be supported by the Community Edition.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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It would be neat to allow access to myrio types of devices in community edition. 

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