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RIGOL MSO4024 get deep memory 140MPoints 4GSamples

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I need help with returning / reading data from the Rigol MSO4024 oscillioscope (I used this instruction: .

If I run this (see the image) program the buffer just returns the first value which is #9xxxxxxx ; but it should return the whole storage. 


Does anyone know how to get the complete internal stored information?




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in the instruction you mention they state: 

// this part we loop through:
:WAV:STOP 1000000
(scope returns 1 Million and 11 bytes of a header. Strip off the header)

// Repeat the last 2 commands until at the end of the data changing the start value by adding 1000000 to //it each time. If you have less than a million for the last call, reset STOP to the last point #.

So and you try to fetch all the data at once.

Try fetching the data like they say in the manual.


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