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Question about pause trigger: multiple triggersources

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I have two digital signals which I want to use as source for pause triggering. The pause triggering is done with a triggernode. The problem I have is that I can add two sources to the node but it won't react on both, just one. So I guess it only accepts one signal. The first triggersignal will start the logging for an unknown period of time. When the first triggersignal drops, the second trigger signal will follow immediately and will continue for 5 seconds. Maybe there is no need to add a second trigger source because the time the signal has to be logged is known and follows directly after the first trigger signal. But I can't seem to find a solution for that.

Another problem I have is that I'm logging at a rate of 100 Hz but on my excel file I find only 500 samples after 10 seconds of logging. Im logging the signals from 2 NI9237's and a NI9219. The rate from the NI9237 is 2000 Hz but I decimate it to 100 samples per second. The signals from the NI9219 are logged at 100 Hz and are untouched.


Thank you

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Someone please? I can't find a solution for both probs...

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I won't need the two triggersources anymore because I can easily join the two wires from both signals and stick that into a port. So it works like an OR-port. Stupid I didn't thought about this earlier Smiley Embarassed


I still have the second second problem though


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Accepted by topic author Stephny

Found my other problem also. I was pause triggering with a virtual channel which was constantly switchin on and off (without knowing). So half of the time the sigal was not being logged. On the front panel the logging LED was always green but I guess it can't follow the signal so quick.

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Thanks for letting us know it is solved. i will close the call at our end.



Rik Prins, CLA, CLED
Software Development Engineer
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