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Question about GraphsXY

I have some problems with my, I don't know why there are errors.
My old version is, but I change it because I'd like to have one curve which back out (dynamic), then I just change the For Loop by While Loop for not limit the number of point tracing.What I must change the XYgraph by Waveform graph?
Please can you help me?
I send you the differents files:
Thanks a lot!!
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Are you asking how to plot your functions continuously, instead of just showing 101 points? I am guessing that is your question this time.

My answer is: it is difficult to do this with an XY Graph, but easy to do with a Waveform Chart. Do you really need to use an XY Graph object to display your results? Just in case it answers your question, I am attaching a stripped-down version of your code that plots your functions continuously using a Waveform Chart.

Your code ( is broken because the code on the right side expects a cluster of arrays of arrays of (x,y) points (complicated!), and by removing your For Loop, you took away one of the array-build steps. You could introduce a column of Build Array functions to make the error go away, but you will not get the results you want by passing single points to your waveform graphs. I do not think there is a simple way to alter your code so that it does that.

There's a challenging example that ships with LabVIEW ([labview]\examples\general\graphs\charts.llb\XY that shows how to make a pseudo-XY Chart. That may be much more trouble than it's worth for you at this stage.

Hope this makes some sense,
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Hello, Thanks a lot for your jhelp, because, I have some problem.
In my application, I do not have a requirement even if I use Wavefor Chart, but I will not want that all the curves are posted at the same time, the curves posted thus dependent choices of the utilisateur.more over with the criteria which the curves trace continuously. Because actually these curves (sine, cosine, etc.) will be replace by the curves obtained from a simulation of Matlab.
I send you my old file.
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