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Pulsatile Linear Actuator Control - Help Needed

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I have a VI that controls the speed of a linear actuator, which is placed within a case structure. A limit switch input switches

the case structure between forward and reverse. This allows the actuator to move in a continuous motion either forward and

reverse. What I would like to achieve is a pulsatile movement. The linear actuator operates for a set time and completely off

for a set time.


I have tried various approaches with the elapsed time function, alternating wait times but just can't seem to get this, any help

would be greatly appreciated, I have attached the VI.




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A few things:

Are you using the Run Continuously button?

If so, stop and put this into a proper loop or state machine.


I don't think the Elapsed Time function is what you're looking for.

I think you want to use Time Delays between changing the output on your digitals.


Take some time with the LabVIEW tutorials. They'll help you a bunch here.

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Hi Taki1999,


Thanks for your help, I've gone through the tutorials and understand the usage of the timing functions but I am

mainly stuck on how to best use them to achieve the ON/OFF that I am looking for. Any help would be great.




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Accepted by topic author GOB82

Try a state machine.

When forward button is on, alternate between a off and on state for forward with a wait inside.

Same handling for reverse.


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