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Properties box does not appear

I recently upgraded from 6.1 to 7.1. Everything is working fine with DAQ and Motion Control. Today, I noticed some formatting issues with some controls and indicators. When I right click, the short cut appears but if I click on "Formatting and Precision" or "Data Range" I get the hour glass for a few seconds, then a circle with a cross through it "x". Please help
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Hi, p75formula.

At first glance, it sounds like a file somewhere has become corrupted. However, before I tell you to uninstall and reinstall LabVIEW, I'd like to see if we can narrow this down a bit more. What controls exhibit this behavior? Is it all of them, perhaps only controls from a certain palette, or just a specific control (and other controls of the same type work without problems)?

Also, a screenshot may help if possible. I know the mouse cursor disappears when a screenshot is taken, so that may not be a feasible way to demonstrate the unusual behavior.

Let me know. Have a nice weekend!
Sarah K.
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It actually was all of them. I couldn't get a properties box to open for any front panel item.

I reinstalled this morning and it fixed it. Everything is working fine and the program is doing its thing right now.

Thanks for the reply though.
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