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Properly scale a bit map image in a LabVIEW picture indicator ?

I have a VI (see below : SCALE EXAMPLE) that captures the contents of a front panel and puts it into a picture indicator (subvi - NOTE_BENE).
When I use the Zoom property of the picture indicator for any other value than 1.0 , the scaled image becomes unreadable.
If I take this same image and paste it into Powerpoint, adjust the size, the image scales nicely.
How do I scale an image in a LabVIEW picture indicator and maintain a clear image. ?
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Hi John,

If you use whole numbers for zoom factor LabVIEW will be able to zoom the image effectively because of the whole number of pixels. When you zoom by a fraction (like 1.1, 1.2, etc) the image bitmap is not updated neatly because of basic underlying algorithm. When using any other application (like powerpoint) the image is handeled by underlying windows image algorithms and thus appears clearer.

It could be a good product suggestion that you can post at -> contact us -> provide feedback
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