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Project opens as relative

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When I open a project in LabView 2009 it opens as a relative location based on the network drive  \\ server \ stuff

This is brand new behaviour that started today.


I can go to the Recent projects on the splash screen and retrieve the projects as they had been opened as absolute "s:\"


When it opens as relative, I cannot build the project, but when I open it from the recent projects ("s:\") it does build.


This behaviour does not happen on my colleagues installation of LabView.

He still gets absolute folders.


Why are my projects opening as relative?


Any ideas are appreciated.

Solutions are greatly appreciated.




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Could it be a number of things.  Perhaps your PC lost the network mapping of the S: drive.  Or Windows just wants to reassign it to the full network share.  It may not build because the longer network path is too long for the application builder to handle compared to the shorter path when it is know as s:\.


Why are you opening the project from a network drive?  In general, working on files and projects from the network is a lot less reliable.  You should only store backup copies on the network and only actively work from a copy that is located on your local PC hard drive.

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Accepted by jspaarg

Thanks for the thought, but my PC had the network drive in explorer and every place else.

What I ultimately found was when I clicked "Open" on the splash screen and went up the tree, it was listing the physical name of the network drive (\\ server) instead of the logical (mapped) name.


However, the logical name appeared on the pick list and the physical name did not.


When I re-established the path using the mapped name, it worked again.


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