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Project looking to deleted folder for files, unable to resolve conflicts

From my understanding our issue is the same as brought up in this forum post for some context.

In our currect project we have an entire folder of conflicts to be resolved as a result of having deleted the folder from the instruction library through windows explorer. We then reinstalled it's contents from the developer in a new folder in the same part of the instruction library. This has caused conflicts in the library, as functions continue to look for the old nonexistent folder, which it appears cannot be removed from the project explorer? 


Further, attempting to resolve conflicts (as you can see in the first attached image, GCSMergedLabVIEW is the folder in question) results in the conflicts reappearing immediately. The old thread suggested an autopopulating folder was the cause of this, however seeing as the folder does not appear at all in the items menu I don't see how to solve this.


Opening any of the files yields a "Resolve Load Conflict" screen, the second attached image. I had hoped to follow these prompts to reappoint the correct calls to the new folder's contents, however these changes don't seem to hold after opening and saving the file.


Is there a way to remove the expected but deleted folder from the project, and point all of the folders sub/helper VIs to the correct location, and or resolve the conflicts permanently?

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Since you now know what folder it is expecting the subVI to be in, why don't you try moving those files from the new folder you wound up putting them in to the folder that is the same location as where it is expecting them?  Then try opening the project.

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