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Project Explorer and New VI - Bug

I am facing this in LabVIEW 2011 Version SP1.


Bug: When a project is open and a new VI is created it comes under the project automatically (This is expected). But when the VI is changed to main instance still it is under the project and even if we close it the same VI is shown in the project. This is not changing after saving, closing and re-opening the project. Still the VI will be shown in the project and when tried to open nothing happens.



VI Within Project.png


When a New VI is openend it automatically comes under the project


VI Main Instance.png


VI changed to Main instance.


Project along with the unavailable VI.png


After closing the VI without saving and Project is closed and opened again but the VI still shown in the Project explorer and nothing happens when tried to open


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This is expected behavior.

The configuration you are doing by switching the Application Instance is only valid for runtime. So it decides in which context LV is going to execute the VI.


The LV Project file is an XML based file refering items for development. So swapping the application instance for runtime does not necessarily mean that the VI should not be part of the project anymore; maybe, this setting is only used temporarily for debugging purposes.

Your request is that LV would remove the VI from the XML base project file once a user swaps the application instance for a specific VI. For the VI, this is no change as it doesn't know about the project file at all (despite the application instance it will be executed in). The project on the other hand cannot differ if your change in the setting means:

- temporary debug tool


- should be removed from the project.



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