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How to detect when a sbrio as completely started?

Hi all


At the moment I'm working on a sbrio 9636 and I'm facing a problem during the start up.


My program basically first loads the bitfile to the FPGA and then starts aprox. 5 parallel loops with different wait times (from 10ms up to 1000ms).

Among others, a TCP listener is started.


The problem is that in the first 60 seconds after my code has started, responds on TCP requests needs too long (about 10 seconds), which is not a TCP problem in my opinion because after these 60 seconds the respond time is about 100ms. The problem is that the sbrio is still busy with booting in the first 60 seconds.


My question is, is there a property or a mechanism how I can detect when the sbrio has completely started?

Because just waiting 90 seconds is a poor solution.


Thanks for your intentions




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Hi Benjamin,


just start the TCP listener loop last. When the sbRIO starts to respond on TCP request it's finished with booting...


Or let the USER led blink to signal "up and running" condition!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Hey Benjamin,


as far as I know, ther is no mechanism to determine, if the cRIO has started the latest software module or not.


The suggestions from GerdW are workarounds, but a possible solution. You could maybe monitor the TCP response time and determine, if the system startup process is finished, depending on the delay.


Regards, Stephan

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