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Programmatically refreshing NIMAX Devices/Interfaces data?

I am trying to get an active list of devices/alias names in the system.  I have been using this nisyscfg VI "" -> Hardware and that seems to work but it only returns a "cached" list of the items.  So if something is turned off or removed/added it is not updated.  Is there a way to force this list to update?  So far the only thing I have founbd to work is to open NIMAX and open the devices list so it refreshes.  I need something I can do from Labview.  Ultimately I use this list to get the model and serial number of each alias I am interested in.  This seems like one of the few avenues to retrieve that information.  Also this is an application running in the background so these devices may have active handles already open to them I cannot interfere with.

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I guess you would have to re-open the SysCfg session.

Even with the NI MAX, I usually don't click the Refresh button. From my experience, closing and re-opening the NI MAX.exe is faster.

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That doesn't seem to refresh it.  I have tried that.

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How did you try that?

Have you tried the Show All from the shipping example? I just tried it and the output is updated after I changed the name in NI MAX and re-run the example.


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The issue is if you do not have NIMAX open and you change equipment.  I am not really concerned about alias names or anything like that because you would have to be in NIMAX to make that change and then the database would be updated.  As I stated, my problem is that my application is always running in the background.  It checks all the equipment on a timer.  For the most part the computers are never re-booted.  What I am seeing is that after a reboot I think this is updated, but hardware can be removed or swapped out while the computer is running and it doesn't seem to update unless I open NIMAX and expand the devices and interfaces tab.  There must be a way to force this database to update.

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