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MPC error of initial values used for initiallizing

Hi All,

I am trying to develop a MPC  (Model predictive control). I have modified an example but its giving me inial value error. Can anyone help me in solving this problem. I have one input, two measured disturbances and one output system. the constraint on input are 0-210, output values are from 10-60 and disturbance one has value of 10-55 and disturbance two has value range of 0-1500. Please also if you find some other error let me know.


Your help will be really appreciated.


PS: it is not a course work or any other kind of assingment.....


Kindest Regards


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Hi Muhammad


How have you been getting on with this?  Sorry for the slow response.


The reason that you are receiving the error is that the matrix sizes of the initial conditions does not match the dimensions of the model system - if you probe the MPC Controller Parameters and MPC Initial Conditions of CD Create MPC Controller you will see this.


Peter D

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Hi Peter,

I am still struggling. If you see my model it is 1 input and one output and that is what I have given as initial condition. the other two inputs are taken as disturbances and are mentioned in Bd.

Please have a look.





Kindest Regards


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