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Programing in LabVIEW becomes slow.

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Programing in LabVIEW becomes so slow , If i try to connect a single wire its taking 5 sec delay i dont know why please give me some suggestion how to make it faster because IN using more than 200 controls for my project so please kindly let me know any suggestion to make it faster as with this speed we cant finish the project in time.

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I have good computer speed of 4GB RAM and i3 processor but still the more the controls i kept its getting more slower how to fix this bug. Please kindly give some solutions.

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LabVIEW version?

Computer specs? (CPU, RAM)

Compiler setting? (options...environment...compiler)

What kind of controls? Are they overlapping?

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please tell us about the data on this wire.  


does it have default values? how many bytes?

CA can take from there I assume

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LabVIEW Version is 13


CPU is i3 3.30 GHz and 4GB RAM


Im using only booleon controls almost 150 ,Im using all that in an event based but still 2000 signals are yet to be mapped on the events, coming to 150 itself its slows down only that program so i cant do the remaining mapping with this speed to finish the 2000 signals. Even for changing the label and and wiring one signal every thing takes that much a delay of 5 sec and its still increasing on more the controls i kept on front panel.


Compiler setting its in value 5.


I have not kept the controls and indicator overlapped for blockdiagram as well as front panel



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The Controls and indicators which im placing are all booleons and im creating events for each and every corresponding controls along with an addition controls for that events.


All are user controlable booleons.



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@Majrocks wrote:

The Controls and indicators which im placing are all booleons and im creating events for each and every corresponding controls along with an addition controls for that events.

So you have 200 boolean and 200 events. Sounds like a nightmare. What does the VI actually do? Can you show us a picture of the front panel?

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I faced this problem long back but I was using too many Shared Variables, do you have any shared variables in your project?


The solution to that what I observed is : do not open the VI from project, open it individually and then edit, give it a try.


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Sorry sir that i cant send since its confidential but its not only 150 controls it may increase and it goes slows down as all the controls are event driven operated by the user if we put that in the form of a cluster i feel like it would take the same memory size obviously will increases and gets slower to edit the controls and indicators and the block diagram.The more the controls the more it gets slower so please give some suggestion how can make it less memory consumption for editing the labview program.And please note im not telling about the execution speed, only the corresponding labview program which has more controls that gets slower to wire even to edit a label as it is getting a delay of 5 sec.


The requirement is user can switch that booleon 1 if he wants he can select one more booleon 2 for the same control to replace the value so both the booleons are running in the same event like wise more than 50 to 100 booleons as of now i had placed it got slowed down drastically.So please suggest some solutions. 

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Im opening the VI individually and editing it but that itself getting very slow as of now i had included that in a project but soon will do that and there is only 2 shared variable i have used in this VI not much too. Not only me my team also facing the same issue of getting it slower when the number of controls increased on the front panel and block diagram.

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