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Program a Tektronix AWG 5012C with LabView 8.5

How can I upload an array with 100000 values declared as a double into a user defined waveform list on a Tektronix AWG5012C?

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     I would recommend IVIScope - AcqWfm Edge  within the example finder.  I think that will get you in the right direction.



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I'm not sure how a scope driver will help with an arb/function gen.

Go to help> find instrument drivers and do a search for 5012. Select the project style driver unless you really need IVI.
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Thank you for the reply. The link I got was for an oscilloscope. I need info on a Tektronix Arbitrary Waveform Generator model AWG5012C. If you have an example of how to pass an array of real numbers to the arb it would greatly be appreciated. Thanks again.

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I told you how to get the correct driver yourself.
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Drivers for a C model do not exist. I am using Visa write commands.

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Did you even try to use the driver? Did you look at the examples that come with it?
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I did look. There is one sub vi that will work for integers. I need to pass an array of real values not integers.

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I asked if you looked at the examples. There is one called Generate a Noisy Signal. It creates a waveform data type (this is a DBL in case you did not know) and uses a function called Import Waveform From LabVIEW. If this is not real close to what you are asking, please explain the differences.

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I did look at the examples. The one you said to look at, generate a noisy signal, will not work for me. I have 100,000 values between 1 and -1 in single point precision format. I did find an example that will accept integers only. This example then converts the byte array to a string and then sends it to the ARB. I need to send an array that has values other than just integers.

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