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Problems with CAN card and exiting LabView



I have a problem with using my CAN card (EDICCard2 from Softing).

I have written a program that communicates via the CAN bus.

For the card there exists a windows API and I am calling the dll-functions with the "Call Library"-function.

The communication (receiving and transmitting) is working fine.

But if I stop the VI and start it again, the CAN is not working any more.

I have to close the VI and re-open it to reactivate the CAN-card.

From softing there exists an example for using the dll with LabView6 I have used and modified this example.

The last operation bevore the VI stops is calling the function "INIPC_close_board" from the dll.

I thougth after that the CAN card will be released but it seems as if the card is already in use.

After restarting the VI (without closing) the function "INIPC_initialize_bord" also gives back a failure.


Has anyone an idea why the board is only released after closing th VI?


Best regards



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 Hi Sven,


it looks like the CAN resource is not released in your program.


Maybe inserting a wait of a couple of ms after calling the "INIPC_close_board" will do the trick. Otherwise please contact the Softing support why the resource is not released when calling "INIPC_close_board".



Andreas Stark
LabVIEW Lead @ Rocket Factory Augsburg
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