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Problem with the funcionality of my sub VI

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I have created a sub-vi which un-pack data comnig from an embedded board with 8 channels and puts on its output the results. Now I'd like to implement an addictional feature which regards the filtering of this data through a low and high pass. So I created another sub-vi that integrate these kind of filters with inputs to set their configuration.

When I use the filtering sub-vi on only one channel all seems to work well, but as soon as I add another one on another channel it doesn't work: the output signals are not filtered; there some changes in their trends but it's a indefinite behavior, not a low/high pass processing. It seems thet the presence of one filtering sub-vi intereferes with the other. I tryed to understand the problem but actually I'm in a dead end.

Can anyone give me any suggestion or maybe a solution?

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The problem is that you only have 1 filtering VI and it is set for non-reentrant execution.  So those point by point filters in there are grabbing data from one channel when the subVI is called for the one channel, then grabbing data from the other channel when the same subVI is used for the other channel.


Go to the 's properties, execution, and set it for Reentrant , preallocated clones.

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Thank you.

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