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Problem with source code control with LabVIEW 8

Hello All,

I Just upgraded from LV7.1 to LV8. I trying to configure my source code control (Visual Source Safe 2005) but the only option I have in LV8 is "NONE". It was working perfectly with LV7.1 two days ago...

Another thing, now with LV8, I can edit 'Read-Only' VI (not save them but edit them) witch is very bad... This was'nt like that with my LV7.1 configuration and i can't find the option to revolve that.

Thanks a lot for any help...

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LabVIEW searches the Windows registry to find all installed source control providers. If providers don't show up under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SourceCodeControlProvider\InstalledSCCProviders" then LabVIEW does not know they exist on the computer. I have SourceSafe 2005 on my machine and am able to access it from LabVIEW. Beyond looking at the registry location, you might try renaming your LabVIEW.ini and having LabVIEW create a new one. This will remove any problems with ini entries that may be causing problems.
Regarding the "Read-only" issue. Check the Environment option - "Treat read-only VIs as locked". That is probably not checked.
George M
National Instruments
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