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Problem with saving picture in Vision Builder

ok, i try it with IP of my PC and its still not saving picture on the disk.

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Dear Rezi,


The following link describes in detail how to set up FTP server on your PC which is accessible for the Smart Camera.


If there is no newtork restriction, the process would have to go smoothly.




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Dear Mircea, thank you for helping, but this link is not unavailable. Do you maybe have any other link ?



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Hi Rezi,


This link should be available, maybe you need to log in with a free user account on to access it.


I will speak with my colleague Milos to send it to you.


As far as I heard, you are already in contact for technical support with him.


What I would recommend would be to check security and network settings.





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hello Mircea,


ok, if You are saying that this link is accessable, then I will try to access it.


Yes that is true, I'm already in contact with him, he connect on my computer over TeamViewer to find where is the problem, but he did not find it. He say that settings is same as he had it, but its work on his computer, but not on my.


I already set on OFF FireWall, but its was still no success. Or did you think anything else in your mind when you say for checking security and network settings?



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