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Problem with saving picture in Vision Builder


I'm using Vision builder and i'm trying to save picture with Image Logging. And i made ftp server that picture could be save. In folder path I write location where I want that picture save. But problem is, that picture does not saves in that location where I want.


Could anybody help me?






p.s.: I attach a picture that You will see how I made my settings


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As far as I can understand "folder path" is not an absolute path on your hard drive, but relative to root path on ftp server. You can try to create folder VBAI in root of ftp, then repalce "C:\VBAI" with "VBAI" (or may be "\VBAI") in the settings. What happened if you click on "Test Login" button?


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ok, i will try your way


if i click "Test Login" button write only that, that connection is now establish, is connected

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ok i try it. and its same. nothning happend. but its interesting that, that on server i see that something happend. its write me next:

000015)30.9.2010 10:25:51 - ame (> PWD
(000015)30.9.2010 10:25:51 - ame (> 257 "/" is current directory.


why is writen 257 "/" is current directory ??

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@rezi wrote:


why is writen 257 "/" is current directory ??

It means that root is current directory.


For setting VBAI as current directory it should be something like



250 OK. Current directory is /VBAI


257 "/VBAI" is your current directory.


Try to remove VBAI from Folder path and leave this setting just empty. Then your images should be written into root directory. Also you have selected option "Log images when inspection status FAIL". May be your status PASS? In this case images will be not logged. Try to change this option to "Log Image".

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ok, i remove VBAI from "Folder path" and leave it empty, change from "Log image when inspection status FAIL" to "Log image" and its still same. also on server is same PWD, 257 "/" is current directory



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Are you working with remove target? If so, then your problem in IP address. It should be not (localhost), but real IP address of your PC, because connection established from remote target over network.

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yeah i'm working with NI smart camera 1744. aha then u are saying that i must set on same IP that PC has it? ok i will try it

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@rezi wrote:

yeah i'm working with NI smart camera 1744. aha then u are saying that i must set on same IP that PC has it? ok i will try it

Exactly. If your camera, for example have IP and your PC is, then try to enter instead of

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but why then there write ftp server login ip, user name and password, if you must write there IP from PC? its a little confusion, if this is right that you must enter IP from PC.

I will try this with IP from PC tomorrow because coworker take camera and i cant try it.


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