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Problem using the Application Builder Labview 2017

Heys everyone,

I'm starting to use LabView, and it's pretty cool. I've created myself a program using NI VISA to communicate with a Vitual COM I have. 

The vi is working fine, and so I went ahead towards the Application Builder to create an executable program. The thing is that whenever I try to use the executable program nothing happens; it just stays there, doing nothing. (No error shows up, and no reaction comes from the indicators).

I read about debugging an exe file, but I couldn't get the COM to work properly since Labview gets a hold of it, and the executable asks for a request to it, but it's taken so it doesn't appear on the exe file. 

Any advice on how to get this to work; I managed to make some of them work before, but when I tweaked some minor indicator details and recompiled them, everything stopped working on the exe files.

Thanks for the help, Assad.

(I'm attaching the .vi just in case.)

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You might want to save for previous until LabVIEW 2017 is officially released. Nobody here can look at your code.

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Noted, I've attached the file running Labview version 16.0. 

(As I can remember I was using that on my Labview 2013).


Hope this is what you were asking for.

Thanks btw!

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I ran into the same problem. Build a little hello world in 2017 and then took it to another machine with clean Windows 10 install.

I installed the 2017 32-bit runtime, rebooted and it didn't run. 

I then installed the 2016 32-bit runtime so I could run an older Labview 2016-based app.

Restarted the machine, moved that 2016 app over, and it run fine.

For kicks I tried running the 2017 app and it ran okay too...


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