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Point by point into array

i am trying to build an WMA filter for a signal. Signal is generated point by point.

My idea was to store up to 8 previous iterations of a signal in an array so i can multiply them by their wages. So here is my question, is there any way in labview to build an array that will contain up to 8 values - where 1 value comes into array per iteration of a loop. 

One idea was to use like 6 or 7 shift registers and 7 level build array function, and it worked, however it looked incredibly unestetic. Is there any way to store data in that way?

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You need exactly one shift register holding an array of fixed size (size=8) where you always replace the oldest with the newest using "replace array subset". (you can also rotate in place to keep the elements in order if needed).


What are "wages"? (Did you mean "weights"? Where are they defined?)


We can help you once you attach your VI.


Maybe there is already a ptbypt VI that does what you need. Hard to tell from the sparse problem description.

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