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Periodic Commands, Periodic Timer

Hello All,


I am trying to develop a vi that used to send multiple commands through a serial port. The commands must be sent at a specified interval. Like Data 1 must be sent at interval of 250ms, Data 2 must be 2000ms, Data 3 must be 1000ms, and so on. I have developed the vi and inorder to check that vi I have added an incremental factor.

The incremental factor will be incremented by 1 based on which Data is triggered. For example, if the Data 1 is triggered at 250ms it will be added 1, so at every 250ms the value will be incremented by 1. The loop time is 100ms.


I am facing a problem, every time I run this vi the incremental factor for Data1 is increasing by 14 times.

I need to resolve this issue. I have attached the vi for your reference.


Expecting the positive response. Thanks in advance.





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You've got a wait until next ms multiple of 100 in the loop, 250/100 = 2.5, (there is a remainder) Data1 will always mess up.
you need a loop timer that divides into all of your data times.
50 or 250 should do you. (I'd go 50) as you won't miss a 250 from there.

Then with your loop running faster than the smallest data time you determine if you need to send a signal.

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