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PC Hangs when Clicked on Card under MAX Devices & Interfaces OR Tried to Read/Write data to DAQ Card via LabVIEW Code

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I am moving application from old(Win10 PC) to New (Win 10) PC. Test System is using PXI hardware and Windows PC as a controller(Connected Via MXI Card). Everything works fine when I connect PXI to Old PC.


I have installed LabVIEW 20 SP1 and DAQmx, Serial, VISA drivers on new PC. But when I try to click on device under MAX->Devices Drivers->PXI Chassis->Card, PC gets hang. I even tried to read/write data to DAQ device via sample code then also PC hangs.

I have tried following things multiple times but no luck.
1. Repair all drivers
2. Remove all NI applications & Re-install
3. Upgrade All DAQmx, VISA.. Drivers to latest version

4. Install Latest 2021 Version of LabVIEW

5. Connect PXI Chassis to another PC with same Windows ,LabVIEW Version & Drivers

6. Upgrade PC's Chipset/BIOS Drivers.

7. Install MXI BIOS Compatibility Software

PC: Dell Optiplex 7080

Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit 20H2
1. PXIe 8388: PXI Remote Control Module
2. PXIe 6238: Multifunction IO

3. PXI 8431: Serial Interface(485) Module

4.PXIe: 6602: Counter Module
5: PCIe 8388:Device For PXI remote control


Any suggestion/help will be appreciated.

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MXI was an interesting idea but was pushing the capabilities of the PCI specification to its limits. If the PC BIOS is fully PCI compliant it works but for most computers a less than fully compliant implementation works too, since they seldom use more than a few external PCI slots if any at all. Until someone tries to put a PCI expansion card into the system, such as MXI, or as an alternative a Thunderbolt connected expansion chassis which is itself based on the PCI specification too.

Most Thunderbolt expansions do not work reliably too, thanks to BIOS trouble and also bugs in the used PCI bridge hardware to implement those chassis. But the market is to small and the earnings to thin to spend a lot of time in debugging the problems. details some of the things you can try. If it works or not is still a bit of a roulette game even today. And with MXI being definitely designated as maintenance only product, chances that NI is spending more time on it are virtually none, also because quite a bit of the problems are also out of their hands, because they come from BIOS and/or motherboard chipset bugs.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Accepted by topic author SGAK

Thanks for the explanation & sharing details Rolf.


We had tried all things before contacting NI but nothing worked. Issue was with BIOS Setting(Windows Issue).

Workaround: Turned OFF Windows Kernel DMA Protection.

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