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Passing a cluster from a chassis to computer with PXImc

Hello I hope this is the right place to be posting this question.


I am working with the PXImc drivers; I have a PXIe-1085 chassis with an embedded controller, and a PXIe-5646R VST. I’m trying to get the chassis to talk with a standalone computer via the PXIe-8383mc link card. Actually from the examples provided I was able to get them to talk just fine.


But my real problem is I’m trying to send the data generated by a SMT Zoom power The issue is with the PCImc I can only send a DBL, or a I32, and such to the computer, and to scale the FFT graph I need to send a cluster of three elements, F0(double 64-bit), df(double 64-bit), spectrum(1D array). In the attached image you can see ware I unbundled the string and sent the spectrum, but I also need to pass the F0, and df to the computer. I have tried to build an array of the three values, however on the computer side once the array fills up it overwrites the values so I can only pull the F0, and df out of the array on the first iteration and since this is running continuous that’s hard to do.


Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can do this, also I have attached the vi’s that I’m using as a project, but I’m not sure if anyone can open it since its using the niRFSA, PXImc, and SMT libraries.


Any help would be much appreciated,

Thanks in advance.


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My idea would be to try and prepend the f0 and df elements to the spectrum data array with a Insert Into Array function before the array is sent into the PXImc node.  It looks like the code is just generating a new array of spectrum information every time the loop runs.

Michael L.
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National Instruments
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