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Creating timed sequence where timing is set by knob

Hi all,


I'm working on a project which requires a freeze then thaw cycle a set number of times. I need to be able to set the number of iterations of this freeze-thaw cycle and I also need to be able to vary the time in which the hardware is in freeze mode and the time in thaw mode. I was thinking of implementing a freeze->thaw timed sequence nested in a for loop (I need to be able control how many times this cycle happens). 


What I'm finding it difficult to understand is if it is possible to set how long each sequences lasts via a GUI accessible control knob? I know you can set this time manually by going into the propoerties of the sequence, but I need to be able to easily vary this timing and doing so through the user interface would be ideal.


I'm very new to labview, so if anyone knows of any example VI's I'd really appreciate the help!



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There are examples of state machine programs.  Here is one.


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A state machine is really what you want.  It makes things a lot more flexible and easier to abort.  In general, avoid the timed loop.  It has a lot of overhead and nuances for very little gain (in Windows).

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