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PSP Variable Process Failure

This morning my laptop updated Windows 10 to build version 17134.48. Since this update, I now get "Process Failure" if I try to look at PSP variables from a cRIO device I am working with in the NI Distribution Manager. What's worse, is VIs that are using the PSP variables on the laptop no longer work, returning default values.


The cRIO shows up in the NI Distribution Manager, but no variables or libraries register as being deployed. The code on the cRIO is executing correctly and no warnings are generated when writing/reading from PSP variables in the cRIO application.


I've re-installed all software on the cRIO, but that had no effect. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the Windows update and/or firewalls. I have disabled the firewall and allowed all LabVIEW / NI applications through but still get the same issue.


Has anyone got any ideas? This has stalled development almost completely!

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If its urgent, you could to a system recovery to a previous state


Sometimes when Microsoft changes something which breaks a piece of NI software, it is a lengthy process to fix.


Is it important to have that update?


Did you upgrade from a different OS?


what was your build version before hand?

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Do you still have an issue with your shared variables?

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Sorry I have been away for a while on urgent business.


I have found a solution. I needed to edit the windows "hosts" file to manually map the IP address to the cRIO name.

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