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PID controller for temperature control

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Can somebody help me to know how to control temperature using PID and DAQ.

My requirement is when temp reaches to set point it would be constant for 4 minutes and then switch to next set point.So how to implement this using PID.

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Hi Somnath,


You can find a good example program from Home > Example Programs > Ready-to-Run Temperature Controller.

Clich here to open the example and download it. Open the library file and try to explore a lot about the PID controller. Try to learn from that.




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Accepted by topic author Somnath1993

Hi Somnath,


You will have to decide for yourself how you want the controller to behave. Do you want it to go fast and overshoot a little? How much overshoot is acceptable? Do you want it to go slow but not overshoot the temperature?


You may find that just an ID (integral and differential) temperature controller is sufficient.


As far as the timing requirement, you can use a state a machine. Correct the temperature, check the time, and then decide whether to change the setpoint or correct the temperature again.

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Thanks gregoryj

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