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PDA transparent control

Behold, my transparent button on the PDA does not show up as transparent.  Plain old text boxes can show up transparent just fine though.  Does anyone have any thoughts on how to make this truly transparent?  I am looking to put a graph behind the button so that I can almost touch anywhere on the touchscreen to stop acquisition.  Is there a better way to do this on the PDA besides attempting a large transparent button?  Thanks!

System specifications:
PDA Module 8.0.1
iPAQ hx2790
Windows Mobile 5.0.
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You can try a picture control, and an event for Mouse Down with a true constant tied to the "stop" for the while loop.
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I checked into this issue and the Boolean transparency has been reported to R&D and is currently being investigated.  I would agree with LabVIEWGuruWannabe about using the Picture Control.  It does support the Mouse Down event which will be useful, but you will have to click off of the graph to get the event to register.  Please repost with any additional questions. 

Andy F.
National Instruments
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