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PDA Module+ HandHeld PDA Model Hw 9665 ( HP)

I would like to know if LabView 8.0 PDA Module could Compile any project for running on a HP HandHeld PDA Model HW 9665. Im not sure about the compatibility of that device with Pocket PC 2003 Device witch is mentioned in National Instrument LabView PDA Module's Manuals.
Any Idea or advice would be welcome
Thank you
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What operating system is running your 9665? If it is Windows Mobile for Pocket PC 2003 or later then you sould be good to go. See the PDA datasheet for details. Make sure you reference prerequisites list. Let us know if you have other questions!
Chris C
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I did a quick google of your PDA and I failed to find it.  I think you may have a letter or number wrong in the model information.  I was hoping to find out what OS it shipped with.  That would help a lot in figuring out if it would work with the LabVIEW for PocketPC PDA toolkit.  If I can assume that it is Windows CE 4.2 or better or Windows Mobile for PocketPC2002 or better, then it should be able to work.

I hope that this helps,
Bob Young

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