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Overlapping plots in a graph

I am doing a graph with multiple plots, that eventually overlap and one hides the others. I would want to be able to programatically select which one comes to front while the others remain in the background. How can I do this?

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Hi Obarriel,

I think you could do it easily by changing programmatically the plot colours. If you want the Plot 1 to stay in the background, you could give it a gray tone and then for instance, you colour Plot 2 in red. In the following link there is an example which can be helpful:


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I tried to play on plot propeties hopping that it would activate the selected Active plot, but that had no effect.

The visible plot is always Plot 0. I'm afraid there is no mean to select which plot overlap the other Smiley Sad

Olivier L. | Certified LabVIEW Developer

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Plots are layered according to is plot number, with Plot 0 on top, i.e. Plot 0 overlays Plot 1, which overlays Plot 2, etc.


The only way to bring a plot to the front is to reorder the plots so it is Plot 0. 


In the attached example I have three waveforms, using a cluster of its to keep the Name, Color, and Y-Data together.  I placed these clusters in an array for easy manipluation, using toggle switch and "Reverse 1D Array.VI" to swap the order of the plots.  The plot name and color are unbundle and written to property nodes so the legend matches the plots.

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