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Optimal mouse for using LabVIEW?

Have you tried Logitech master? A little more convenient for me

Main wheel switches between free spinning to increments automatically (also can be assigned to the button). That is even better!

Extra buttons (3 + separate horizontal scroll + panning).

Also large and comfortable.

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Word of caution in the free spinning wheel mode with multiple monitors or windows open.

If you give the wheel a good spin then cursor over to a menu bar or ribbon it can scramble up the application menu appearance pretty badly. Had a few WTH experiences until I figured out what was going on.



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Just saw the Logitech MX Master is on sale for $50 on Amazon.

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Hooovahh wrote:


Also on the subject of ergonomics, I've been using a split keyboard for a while now and enjoy it.  It is the Kinesis Freestyle2, with VIP3 adapter.  Basically the two halves of the keyboard can be 10 inches apart, with a wrist rest, and lifting on one edge.  It throws other people for a loop trying to use it but I like being able to have my hands more separated.  That being said it is pretty expensive for a non-mechanical keyboard.

On the subject of my split keyboard, Kinesis now makes a split gaming mechanical keyboard with cherry switches, basic lighting, profiles, and macro capability for what sounds like every key on the keyboard (allowing function, shift, and control modifiers).  Saw the youtube review here yesterday.

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@Hooovahh wrote:

Just saw the Logitech MX Master is on sale for $50 on Amazon.

I just ordered one Logitech MX Master here on the German amazon now. Looks much comfortable than what I have now!

I have a Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse, and since it is a "laptop mouse", way too small. I have small palms, but even so I do not find this mouse comfortable, either it is out of my palm ahead, or I have to bend up my fingers on the buttons, which gives bad tension at my wrist 😞

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I got today the MX Master. I love it! 🙂

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For keyboards, the Kinesis Advantage is also pretty nice.

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