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Open a VI as a "read only" or "reference" copy

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Hello All,


My appologies, Im sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it.


If I am working with a vi within a Labview project and a want to open a similar vi from another project for reference, how can I do this without having all the vi paths automatically update.

I then have to remember to hit DO NOT SAVE when I close the vi I had opened for reference.  (the vi has subvi's with the same filenames, but I do not want them to update)

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One simple approach is open the project that contains the other VI first, then open the VI from within its project. That keeps the two projects separate. Or, create a new project and open the other VI there.

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Thanks!  That makes sense.


I guess I have the bad habit of opening vi's directly, and not from within their projects.


I should get in the habit of doing that.

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