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Only toggle-buttons in LabView NXG Web Module 4.0?

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I'm currently working with the new Web Module for LabView NXG an ran into the following problem. I've added a few simple buttons to my WebApp an they all behave like a toggle switch not like a "normal" switch. I've digged into the whole html/ java thing (still very new to me) to see that the buttons are indeed added as a jqx-toggle-button (see below) no matter what button behavior I select in LabView.


<jqx-toggle-button binding-info='{"accessMode": "readOnly", "dataItem": "dataItem_LoadFirmwareFile", "dco": 12, "isLatched": false, "prop": "value", "sync": false, "unplacedOrDisabled": true}' click-mode='press' control-resize-mode='fixed' follower-ids='["26"]'
    label-alignment='top-left' label-id='26' ni-control-id='23'>
    <div class='ni-glyph '></div>
    <span class='ni-text '>Laden</span>


 I also tried to edit the buttons in the html view to jqx-switch-button but as soon as I close the window the changes get discarded. Maybe I miss something verry obvious or is it really not possible to add a normal switch button right now?


Thanks in advance 🙂

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Did you try changing the "mechanical action" setting on the buttons? Note that the HTML element is of the same type when configured with any of the mechanical action options (jqx-toggle-button).



Sujay Narayana
Principal Software Engineer
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Accepted by topic author Jens_S

Yes I tried all of the different behaviors but the result is always the same. I found an example of NI where they also had an simple button with the normal behavior you would expect from a button. What they did is this:



And it somehow works 🤔

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