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Occasional program malfunction fixable only by reboot

I have a simple VI running on LV8 with a NI PCI-6221 card. My VI
continuously acquires data from two analog input channels while
running, with a sample duration of .2s and a sampling frequency of
50kHz. The data is then displayed on a graph.

If the program is left running for a long time, there will suddenly
appear to be large amounts of noise superimposed on the data. This
noise isn't physically there, since nothing I can do to the actual data
acquisition can make it go away. The only way to make the noise go
away is to restart the computer. Does anyone know what might be
causing the problem? Thanks in advance!

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Hello Anonymous,

Do you ever see the same phenomena using the test panels in Measurement and Automation Explorer?  That could also be caused by some environmental factors, are you a noisy facility?  This might after time affect your measurement.

Micaela N
National Instruments
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