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Numeric Control - Complex Behavior required

So, I have reviewed quite a bit of the forums and come up with a solution.  I am just wondering if there may be a better, easier, cleaner approach.  


Desired Behavior:
1. Click on the input box selects all contents of the box
2. Numeric and non-numeric characters can be typed into the box
3. Non-numeric values will be rejected
4. If input value is changed, and the input box loses focus (by clicking elsewhere on the GUI), the value should NOT be sent
5. If the input value is changed and the user hits Enter/Return - the new Value SHOULD be sent.

6.  If the input value is not changed, and Enter/Return is pressed, the value SHOULD be re-sent
as there are situations where the pilot must re-send the same setpoint that was previously entered

7. The input value should always represent the last value sent - so any edits that are cancelled
should revert back to the last sent value.


I've added my solution as a in the zipped folder.  

You have to click down through the folders to Setpoint_Test\Imotus-1\Control_GUI\SubVIs\Setpoint_Test\


The solution ignores items 2 and 3 for now as they are not the main focus and it is not hard to reject non-numeric or invalid values.  

The setpoint controls would be part of a sub-panel on a very busy GUI (not shown here). 


Anyone have a simpler method?  




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I can't find anything labeled "input box". Please explain.

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Numeric SP1 and Numeric Setpoint 2 = Input Box.  

Those are the only controls of interest.  

The other three controls I only put on the Panel to be able to observe behavior from the user interacting with Controls on Interest and other controls that might be on a GUI.  

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