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Not able to start MySQL

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Hi Sir,


I try to use the labview database function, and then i am installing the MySQL in my local laptop, but always hanged at "start sever"


I manaually start the services, also report error, anyone have this kind of experience ?












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You are on a LabVIEW board here. And LabVIEW has only very very marginally to do with MySQL, as you can use MySQL as database to connect to, just as you can do with MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Access, and several more.


Since the take over of MySQL by Oracle it is even less likely that you will get much support for it on any fora but a dedicated MySQL forum.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Oh, thanks for your comments, Sir.

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Accepted by topic author Brzhou

After removing the Mysql and Connector, also delete the files, then:


1. install Mysql server and Connector ODBC tool;
2. install workbench;
3. check the connection to MySQL in workbench;
4. create schema in workbench;
5. create .dsn file in windows odbc tool;


Sounds like good so far.

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