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New VI Template icon corrupted

Using LabVIEW Project (v8.2.1) in my case, you can define a "new VI icon template" under any of your *.lvlib properties, i.e., each *.lvlib can have it's own "new VI icon template". However, once defined and then choosing "New VI..." from the *.lvlib pop-up, my icon is "corrupted" by LabVIEW inserting an incrementing number (for each new VI) in the bottom right hand corner of my icon.

Anyway to turn this off? Didn't see anything under options.

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Hi Bill,

This is expected behavior. You are simply changing the default icon from one type to another. Every time you create a new VI, its name will still be Untitled X, where X is the number of a new VI created since the last time you started LabVIEW. The same index will show up in the icon to differentiate among new VIs. If you want each VI to have a unique icon, then you have to explicitly edit the icon for each VI.
I am not aware of a way to turn off the increment feature.  

Hope this helps!

Kalin T.
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