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New LabVIEW PXIe user, need help

Hi guys (and gals),


I just started on a new project at work, and they've started me off with a doosey: I'm interfacing about five different lab instruments using a PXIe-1065; these instruments are connected via GPIB, and the PC GUI is to be programmed using LabVIEW. Seeing as this is the first time I've ever touched LabVIEW in my brief career, I was wondering if anyone could give me a kick in the right direction.


The PC can see the PXIe, but it cannot see any of the instruments connected to it. I'm guessing I'm missing a step here, so a tutorial of some sort would be beneficial.


Also, I was attempting to diagram up a simple .vi, simply displaying the status of each instrument, and I was running into issues with the VISA elements (there was a previous test program created using the VISA components, so that's pretty much where I started, though I have no idea how to use them).


Any help would be appreciated, though if there are any comprehensive tutorials on just how to dive into LabVIEW, that would be great!


Thanks in advance,



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Welcome to the Forums!


NI has several ways to help you get started.  There are on-line tutorials and other help.  Search for Getting started on the NI web site or in the LabVIEW (LV) help.


The context help window within LV is very valuable. It has links into the help files for detailed information about nearly all functions and VIs which come with LV.


Examples are also be very useful. Many can be used to demonstrate or test a device or technique. Most can be opend to look at how the code was written.  A word of caution: Many examples are well written but some, especiall older ones, may include poor or obsolete coding techniques.


When you have specific questions, please post them here.  We are glad to help people learn about LV.  Try to describe your problem in detail, then post the VI you are writing with some typical data included as default (we do not have your hardware), and tell us what result you expected or wanted.



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