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Network shared variable problems

I have a compactRIO that has several network published variables. I am able to open, read, write, and close them without errors reported. However, something is going wrong as when any attempt to open them after closing them, I get either get error -1859678943 (timed out while attempting to open a connection to a variable), or sometimes error -1950679035 (Unable to locate the shared variable in the Shared Variable Engine (SVE). Deployment of this shared variable may have failed, the SVE has not started, or the SVE is too busy to respond to this request.).


The only solution I have found is to turn the compactRIO off and then back on again. This happens regardless of whether or not I close variable connections. However, initially I suspected it had something to do with closing variables connections as the first call to the "Close Variable Connection" VI takes approximately 15 seconds to complete, then approximately 100ms for every subsequent call, however, as I mentioned, if I skip closing the connections, so just attempt to open additional connections to the same variables, then I seem to get the same errors.


The following VIs are used: "Open and Verify Variable Connection" to open connections, "Write Variable" to write, "Read Variable" to read, and "Close Variable Connection" to close. Shared variable refnums are passed between these VIs as variants.


I am at a complete loss and am making no progress. Being upfront, I have very little experience with network published variables, and did not develop the compactRIO source code. I have almost cut and paste another person's client side application code, albeit their code doesn't attempt to reopen closed shared variable connections, but rather just closes them when the application closes.


I am happy to provide code snippets if it will help.


Thank you.

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