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Network Streams Missing from Labview Linux Install?

I'm newly attempting to move a large project to Linux. We use network streams in a few areas. When installing Labview on Linux, the network stream palette is missing. Is it available for Labview on Linux? It would seem weird if it wasn't as they're used on RT systems. If so, how do I add it to my linux install?

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Ok, this may just be lack of device drivers. I'm attempting to install those now.


[edit] Nope, doesn't seem like it's available for Linux. Can anyone confirm?

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Have you researched LabVIEW installations on Linux?  [Google "LabVIEW and Linus OS Compatibility"].  There are a multitude of Linux systems, and different ones are compatible with different versions of LabVIEW.  It is not clear if all the features of LabVIEW-on-Windows are present in LabVIEW-on-Linux ("For a list of compatible Modules and Toolkits, see the Readme for your version of LabVIEW").


Bob Schor

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