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Needs Support Material

Hello Guys!

I need preparation material for Certified LabVIEW Developer and Architect Exams.

Kindly email me at

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Palanivel Thiruvenkadam | பழனிவேல் திருவெங்கடம்
LabVIEW™ Champion |Certified LabVIEW™ Architect |Certified TestStand Developer

Kidlin's Law -If you can write the problem down clearly then the matter is half solved.
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Hi Smith, 

There a certification subforum where you can ask all certification related questions. Also, I'd recommend not putting your email address on posts, as it is easy for programs to comb the websites and start sending you spam. You don't like spam, do you?

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You could have put that into google and received your answer quickly.

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Here you go.

=== Engineer Ambiguously ===
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Thank You Heart

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