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Need help with error: Error 7 occurred at Open File

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Hi all, my project is about motion tracking. Its suppose to store coordinates of the objects and save camera footage as AVI file whenever there's movement. However, whenever I run the program I get this error: 


Error 7 occurred at Open File

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: File not found. The file might be in a different location or deleted. Use the command prompt or the file explorer to verify that the path is correct.


If I ignore the error, the program still runs fine but I would like to avoid this error anyway or at least avoid the error dialog from popping out. LabVIEW doesn't point me to where the problem is so I'm having a hard time debugging it. Can anyone take a quick look? Sorry beginner here. I just started using LabVIEW a few weeks ago.

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Instead of ignoring the error, tell the program to stop when that dialog box comes up.  See where it has stopped at.

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after clicking stop on the error dialog box, LabView doesn't show where the error is.

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That is odd.


Try using the debug tools such as execution highlighting so you can track the flow and see when it pops up.

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so this happened.

The program will select the case where it doesnt detect any movement thus it will just project the webcam onto the display. No error occurs here. I run it again, while moving my hands in front of the webcam at the same time so that the program will enter the "movement detected" case to check for errors. However, it still entered the "no movement" case again. Any ideas? I have set the movement detection to go through at least 8 frames to produce a positive result. Waiting for it to finish 8 times takes way too long. 

If there's no choice, I might have to wait 8 frames then haha 

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Accepted by Cres2608

Sure.  Highlight execution is going to run much slower, so any interaction with real world signals, like waving your hand in from of a webcam, is going to be much slower.


Instead of doing that, try modifying your code.  Instead of that logic, just change it to a boolean control that drives the case structure so you can simulate that the motion logic has happened.

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