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Need help with data rate of NI 9189

Hello everyone ,I am using NI 9189 chasis, along with 9205,9263,9472. 

During aquring the data over the ethernet i am not getting more than 10Hz.  For my applicaton I need at least 100 Hz data from the chasis with real time. 

when I have tried to increse the frequency of the system. I am getting that data with a delay of 2-3 seconds. 

Help me to solve this.

I am working on a close loop control system, where I need a real time data in high frequency.


Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately, Ethernet communication has milliseconds of latency. (Instrument Bus Performance – Making Sense of Competing Bus Technologies for Instrument Control)

When using cDAQ-9189, the data are sent to your host PC to process.

If you want to do closed-loop control, you should use cDAQ-913x or cRIO with standalone controller.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Can you share the code ? From your description, it's difficult to make any assessment. Please share for LV 2020

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Here is the code

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We see no attachments.

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sorry, Here it is

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