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Need help with VI

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So basically I need to generatre a series of random numbers at a given user defined frequency and convert the generated data into customized string data, and then store the data to a file using low level file i/o function. The front panel should look like the picture in attached files. 


What ive done so far, I got the random number to be generated, and user defined frequency. and the I was able to write the generated data into a file. However, It only shows 1 value of the data. I need to have series of values. 


Front Panel.PNG is what the front panel should look like

Module is what ive done so far

and Resulting text file is what the text file should looked like (It doesnt have to have same numbers, just same format).



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Accepted by topic author Ali96

Move your creating of the file and writng the header to before the loop and close the file after the loop.  Then as you write inside of the loop, the data will just keep being added to the file.

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Thank you that did the trick 🙂

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