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Need Help Creating This VI

@dirtroadkid24 wrote:

Make a IV which genreates a number between 1-6 and runs 10 times and displays the values in an array dicicator


1)      A loop which lopps 10 times

2)      One random number generator

3)      Arthimetic primitive (5) icon andexpression node

4)      Array privmitive 

Now i tried using a random number generator to generator a number between 1-6 but the random number generator only generates numbers between 0-1. what should i do?  

Combine Hint 2 and 3 for the number, put them in (1), connect to (4)


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Haha! there's an element of cruelty here now.

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it took me a while but i got it i just played around with it until it did exactly what i wanted.

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Good work.  Post it if you're interested in some constructive criticism.

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