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Need Help Creating This VI

Make a IV which genreates a number between 1-6 and runs 10 times and displays the values in an array dicicator


1)      A loop which lopps 10 times

2)      One random number generator

3)      Arthimetic primitive (5) icon andexpression node

4)      Array privmitive 

Now i tried using a random number generator to generator a number between 1-6 but the random number generator only generates numbers between 0-1. what should i do?  

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Is it that time of the year again where all the homework questions come in? Guess so.


So the random number generator give you the range of 0-1. But you need 1-6. Well, have you considered some basic math? Like multiplying by a certain number and adding a certain number?

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If this were facebook I'd 'like' you're comment smercurio_fc.


It is sad to see homework end up on forums. Not simply because parents pay large sums of their hard-earned income to put their children into college or University, but because it suggests the posters are more interested in having the end-product in thier hands rather than enjoying the process of discovery.


Any good engineering, science or programming student would look at the problem, think about how to solve it, then play with some code until the solution appears. A very rewarding process! .. a far more rewarding process than job-hunting after graduation. 





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gdwebb01 - "If this were facebook I'd 'like' you're comment smercurio_fc." 

The NI forum equivalent would be a Kudo Cat Very Happy

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Thanks. Have you solved it? 


I've just finished a nice bottle of Shiraz and thrown together your solution in about 15 seconds. .. the point I'm making is - do you want to be the one running around asking other people for solutions, or sitting back sipping cocktails with your mates because you solved the problem and made it to the bar before closing time?











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I am starting to peice it together little by little so far i have everything except for the array that lists the # for each time the program is run. 

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Hint:  Search for the term "auto-indexing".

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Presumably you are using a for loop.

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Try for the best way to approach your LabVIEW homework.

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ah homework.....


I would suggest going through labview basics, break the problem down into each part, work out how do each bit. Once you have all the peices of the jigsaw, put them together.


for example : - learn how a FOR loop works and how to control it then set it up to how you have been asked too


the problem you have is not particually hard hence sme of the previous comments but its to teach you how to approach a labview problem



Please remember to accept any solutions and give kudos, Thanks

LV 8.6.1, LV2010,LV2011SP1, FPGA, Win7
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