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NXG project saving on to a linux drive from a windows machine

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Started to use nxg ver2 beta. 

Using a windows 7 pc. NXG creates a dir with the project called .cache. This fine in a windows HD.

But if i try and save onto a linux box, I get get permission errors with nxg. It would seem to be because of the .cache dir!!!

I've been happily using LV 17 below from a linux box, saving and opening projects.

University network is linux/unix. As far is a know no window boxes. 

University backups up Linux boxes, but not pc HD's.

Any suggestions getting round this problem???

Thanks for any help in advance



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Accepted by topic author dearg

If you got access to the beta then you should have access to the private forum where beta software is discussed.  It is best to keep discussions about unreleased software in a place that won't confuse those without the beta features.  You may want to post in that forum instead.

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