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NIMAX acquisition attributes missing



i am working with point grey camera "Chameleon". Everything works but one thing. In NIMAX under camera attributes there are some missing ones. The main problems is that as the attribute control is mising every time the labview try to capture an image it obtains default parameters from NIMAX and therefore set the attribute to 0. Which prevents me from obtaining any data. So the question is : is there are way to fix NIMAX or should i try to somehow set camera atributes within labwiev?

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This issue is actually a result of how the Point Grey Chameleon interfaces with the computer.  In order to successfully have the DirectShow compatible camera work with LabVIEW, you will need to manually register the DirectShow DLL's on your computer.  A more descriptive link on how you can actually do this can be found on the Point Grey website here:


Hopefully this gets you up and running and allows you to change your camera attributes.




Keith M.

Applications Engineering

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