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NI-XNET Dabase Editor Frame Overview doesn't show

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I am trying to program the CAN frames in a NI-XNET database. The Frame Overview window displays the message "Control could not be loaded" instead of the grid, with each square in the grid indicating all the bits in the payload of each CAN frame. Please see the attached screenshot.


I cant seem to get any CAN communication working using the database, but I can read raw frames, and have successfully built VI's to interpret these, but I'd rather use the database editor.


I've also checked to make sure the firmware for the CAN card (PXI-8513) is up to date, and it appears to be. 


Any help is appreciated.

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Could you please give some more information about the software versions you are using along with the operating system. 


I found this forum post, is this the same issue that you're seeing?



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I'm working through this problem with a LabVIEW Applications Engineer. So far I have reinstalled XNET and it hasnt fixed the problem. I have sent the Applicatin Engineer a copy of the link ( in case it helps.


I am running Labview 2014 SP1 (64bit) and XNET 17.5.1.


I will update if the Applications Engineer can solve it.

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Accepted by topic author rookie2017

Solved this problem!


The issue is was not with the database editor, but some other problem with windows. Resetting my windows profile fixed the problem. I hope this works for others who encounter the problem in the future.



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